drone Bondi beach rescue

Bondi Rescue Drone

Bondi Rescue Drone

Versus lifeguard versus jetski. Bondi rescue drone is up against the best here.

This is the real life Baywatch but strewth, there’s no Pamela Anderson here mate.

Its a great reality show about the lifeguards rescuing swimmers who get into difficulties when out swimming and surfing, on Bondi beach Australia.

They are a great team who perform an amazing feat saving peoples lives on a never ending daily basis. No days of for these fellas.

Would a drone be of use to these lifeguards?

As can be seen from the video clip a drone would be a useful tool for the lifeguards.

Especially when there are multiple people to be rescued.

Well, there are benefits and drawbacks.

A drone may be able to reach a swimmer in distress but wouldn’t be able to offer any other service such as mouth to mouth.

A drone with a camera can let a lifeguard know who is in need of assistance first. Which can be crucial when resources are limited.

Drones are now also been used around the coasts of Australia to look for sharks. That may be getting a little too close to swimmers and surfers.

When watching the video you will notice that they all left from the same point at the same time.

In reality when the alert went out the drone would have easily got there first.

What are your thoughts on a drone lifeguard and shark spotter?

Bondi Rescue Drone

In news closer to home, drones are also been used in trials in County Clare, Ireland

An Irish software start-up has teamed up with Clare County Council to trial the use of drone technology for automated

beach patrols for the first time in Ireland.

The partnership will see DroneSAR – developers of a new drone search and rescue app –

allow lifeguards to quickly deploy drones as their first response to monitor those in distress.

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