drones in storms

Drones In Storms

Drones In Storms

Hurricane Ophelia is making her way into Ireland as we speak. Will there be any drones in storms taking footage of Ophelia?

Experts warn that storm Ophelia is predicted to be the worst storm to hit Ireland in over 50 years.

With red alert warnings all over Ireland. Schools and colleges have been closed and many businesses will remain closed today.

People have been advised to stay in and prepare for the worst.

Will Ophelia just blow by or will she cause mayhem and destruction in her path? Will anyone be brave enough to send their drone into the eye of the storm?

drones in storm

A quick search on youtube will show that people will indeed brave it and send their expensive quadcopters up into these stormy situations.

Are these drone operators just curious, showing off or want to show people a different view from drones in storms or just plain stupid and irresponsible?

Of course, you will find mad fuckers everywhere.

These lads in Galway seem to be enjoying the stormy weather. The first thought is “Mad fuckers”  or are they just plain F’ing stupid.

I’m amazed these featherweights weren’t blown away by the wind. Its all fun and games until things go wrong.

If or when they do get into difficulty its the rescue services, many of whom are volunteers that will be called upon to risk their own lives to rescue these idiots.

As the old saying goes, some people just cannot be told, although it looks like they listened to warnings about staying off the roads…..

Although this video is from last years storm desmond, there are reports of swimmers out today in the same place.

Drones Search and Rescue

Apart from people flying their drones in storms, drones have been a great help in the aftermath of such events.

With the devasting destruction all around the world from hurricanes, storms and flooding, drones have many valuable uses.

Drones have a proven track record in these devastating times.

  • They are extremely useful in search and rescue missions.
  • Drones can be used to assess damage to bridges, buildings and roads
  • Drones will pinpoint people in urgent need of rescuing much faster than ground rescue teams can.
  • Dropping of supplies and medical kits to people that are inaccessible to rescue workers.

Search and rescue use UAVs to carry ropes, life jackets and floatation devices which can be dropped off to survivors to help them get to safer ground.

Drones, quadcopters or UAVs will most likely play a major role in future disaster events. More and more people can see the benefits of using this technology to help provide valuable life saving assistance to search and rescue teams.

The drones can also be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to find people buried under rubble or debris, they can show rescuers 3D maps of areas giving a greater insight into what lies beneath the surface of flooded areas.

What are your views on Drones in storms? Have you or do you know somebody who actively uses drones in search and rescue situations?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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