Funny Drone Crashes

Funny Drone Crashes

Funny Drone Crashes

There are many Funny Drone Crashes! When you see what a drone is capable of when flown properly, you will be amazed.

You will witness spectacular breathtaking aerial footage. Even on YouTube, some of the footage you will see would have you believe a film studio filmed it!

When you see a drone flown by the many fools out there, you will witness many expensive crashes and losses. Although it does make for some entertaining videos.

You may want to turn the volume down for this clip as the music is horrific!!!

The chimpanzee is one of my favourites at 33 seconds……bye bye drone 😉

Stories are always floating around the media about drone flyers and most of it is from idiots who think they are Maverick from Top Gun.

There are some great stories, such as the drunken government employee who crashed his DJI Phantom drone into the White House lawn a couple years ago!

There is also no shortage of drone fails and crashes on YouTube, from pilot error, drone flyaways, drones attacked from wild animals, particularly birds and flying too high or too far.

For all you new drone pilots or wannabee pilots, you may want to learn the ropes before putting your shiny new expensive drone into the skies. Get some tips from the experts…

What are your views on these out of control Top Gun Pilots? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share…


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