Roof inspection of solar panels

Storm Callum Roof Damage

Storm Callum Roof Damage from high winds and heavy rain. With the aftermath from storm Callum are you worried about damage to the roof on your home or business premises?

Are you concerned about getting on your roof? Worried about getting ripped off by some shady roofer. Worry no more…

The safest, risk free and cheapest way is to hire a qualified drone operator.

The impact of Storm Callum has been less dramatic than Storm Ophelia last autumn. However, there may still be damage. Then there is always a risk of falls or injury in this wet and windy weather getting a roof inspection.

Roof inspection of solar panels

Best way to Inspect for Roof Damage
  • The first step before making any repairs during such weather should always start by assessing the risk of the damage. A drone is an ideal and safe way for Identifying the hazards and taking necessary precautions.
  • Avoid dangerous work on roofs. Do not consider going on any roof or near exposed edges, with winds of 23mph (Force 5) or above. This will affect a person’s balance and increase the chance of falls.
  • Checking damage to large buildings will be faster, safer and cheaper using drones.
  • Check for damage to solar panels that are hard to access.
  • Access onto fragile roofs is always a big risk (corrugated iron, asbestos, PVC skylights, etc.) Inspecting these roofs will be costly to prevent falls through the roof, again ideal for drones to be used.
  • After a storm has passed, a drone can be used to safely check for roof damage from wind, hail or other sources.
  • Pictures and video footage can then be shown to the roofer who will carry out the repairs, saving time and money.
  •  Stay safe — avoid going on the roof to check for the damage yourself. Instead, contact a professional drone operator to inspect your roof.

    Find out how Top Drone can do a drone roof inspection for you!

roof damage after storm

Should you need an inspection, we will be happy to assist, we can send one of our drones up to closely inspect your roof for any damage from storms or harsh weather.

Operating to strict safety procedures, approved by the IAA, Top Drones first priority is the safety of the public and staff on all of our shoots.

Contact us today to see how we can help put your mind at ease…

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