Aerial coastal picture in Donegal

Drone Photography

Aerial photography is the new way to capture that perfect picture to showcase your location with a view from above! These days every business has a website. Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Well of course you do… Use Top Drones Aerial Photography services to get amazing pictures, from above and beyond. See Our Pictures

Aerial view of beach in Donegal

Aerial Videography

If it’s for tv, film, real estate, surveys, marketing or agriculture, we will make aerial videography affordable for you. Video footage can be sent to you in RAW 4K format or can be professionally edited by us with titles, music and branding. See Our Videos.

360 degree picture of kitchen

360° Virtual Tours

For Estate Agents and businesses wanting to showcase their premises or property, what better way than showing your clients a 360° virtual tour. A picture tells a thousand words, but a 360° Virtual Tour brings it to another level. Virtual Tours

Drone roof inspection

Roof Inspections

Using drones for roof inspections can save you lots of costly repairs. Damage to roofs following a storm or heavy rain is one of the most common reasons for claims on home insurance. Water coming into your home can have devastating effects on your home. Causing damage to walls, electrical’s, flooring and your prized possessions. Find Out More

‘Drone Aerial Services’

Roof Inspections, Wedding Photography, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, 360° Virtual Tours & More

We offer affordable roof inspections using a drone, aerial photography, aerial videography as well as many other drone related services. We also offer 360° virtual tours and video walkthroughs. From high quality pictures with breathtaking views to complete packages of pictures, video, 360° virtual tours and video walkthroughs. Fully edited including titles, music and your branding integrated.

For home owners or businesses, are you concerned about damage to your property from heavy rain or storms? Save time and money by using Top Drone to inspect them hard to reach places.

Estate agents or individuals, when you combine all of these services and you will be able to give your customers a unique insight into what you have to offer. Saving you wasted time and money. Showcasing your properties or business from the inside out. Be different, be a cut above the rest...


Whatever your needs, from small to big, we aim to please.

Aerial coastal picture in Donegal

Drone wedding Photography

With the rising popularity of aerial photography and videography in all areas of photography and filming, more & more newlyweds to be are using drone services to capture their big day. Top Drone Wedding photography is based in Donegal Ireland. We are able to offer you this opportunity to get a unique perspective on weddings that the traditional photographer cannot deliver. Find Out More!

Aerial view of beach in Donegal

Personalised Drone Filming & Photo's

Did you live in Ireland at some time in your life? Did you move away to America, England or further afield? Are you missing the sights and sounds of the Emerald Isle? Why not get in touch with us and get a custom made film or photographs of your favourite places in Ireland. We can capture unique and amazing personalised film or photographs just for you… Check our Shop for Photographs!

360 degree picture of kitchen

Land Boundary Disputes

Resolving Land Boundary Disputes Using Drones can end boundary disputes before they have even started. Boundary disputes between neighbours are often wretched affairs. Fought with a passion that can be way out of proportion to the small bit of land been disputed over. Land boundary disputes cause misery, hostility and stress between neighbours, which can go on for generations. How Can We Help!

Drone roof inspection

2D Mapping, 3D Modelling and Timelapse

For 2D Mapping, 3D Modelling Time Lapses and Surveying, our drones provide you with super sharp aerial imagery and pin-point accuracy. We can fly at heights up to 120m/400ft. Capture wide areas of land, then move in close to capture incredible close up details. We can do 360 degree panoramas and provide amazing time lapse videos, all in a fraction of the time and costs that other methods would take. Want to Know More?

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