Drone Roof Inspections using a drone is a cost effective and safe alternative to boots on the roof!

Falls from roofs are the leading cause of death on industrial job sites.

With drone roof inspections, you eliminate the need for ladders and scaffolding. Now there is no need to send people up on to a roof to inspect it for damage.

What was previously a difficult and expensive task can now be achieved much more efficiently and cost-effectively using our remotely piloted drones.

As well as Roof inspections, drones can inspect the damage of chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc. No need for expensive cherry pickers or dangerous and time-consuming scaffolding.

Top Drone can give you a series of high resolution images or HD video of the hardest to reach structures.

Top down view of pine trees

When to get Inspected?

What ever type of roof you have, its more important to get it inspected in the spring or autumn time. This is when the build up of leaves and other debris may cause problems. You will also get to see if drains and external pipes are in need of repairs. A roof survey after a heavy storm or a period of cold weather is also advisable. These conditions can affect roofing materials severely, and are the times when leaks are likely to occur.

Drone flying over a village

Why Use Drones to Inspect roofs?

Drones are now been used as a cheaper and safer way to inspect roofs instead of the older traditional methods. A drone can be in the air within minutes and capture detailed photographs and video for inspection. The roof and its structure is the largest part of a property. If not checked for damage and repaired on an ongoing basis, large and expensive building work will be needed. Small internal leaks will only get worse over time if you don’t take action.

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Cost of a drone roof inspection?

A drone roof survey cost will vary depending on a number of factors. It will be very likely to be cheaper than traditional methods. If you’re buying a home with a mortgage, the lender will usually insist on a full home-buyers survey. This is useful, but it doesn’t tell the full story. A drone roof inspection will prove to be a very worthwhile investment. It will show if there are loose tiles, damage to lead flashing. Drone roof inspections will also tell you a lot about the general condition of a property.

Drone Inspection advantages
  • Speed of survey
  • Access terraced or locked in buildings easily
  • Reduced risk getting to roofs from ladders and machinery
  • Reduces need for expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers
  • Increased efficiency and cost saving over traditional inspection methods
​​​​​​​In the case of older houses or period ones, ladders are often not an option! Built up areas bring other problems, such as access to roofs from terraced houses to commercial properties that are locked in on both sides. This makes inspection very time consuming and costly.

Should you need an inspection, we will be happy to assist, we can discuss the brief with your or if you have already engaged a surveyor, work with them and give you the results and evidence you need.

Operating to strict safety procedures, approved by the IAA, Top Drones first priority is the safety of the public and staff on all of our shoots.

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