FPV means First Person View. Using goggles to view the onboard camera on the fpv drone, allows us to capture cinematic & fast-paced dynamic footage. You may have watched a film and thought, how did they get that shot? Was it CGI? Most likely it may have been an fpv drone.

Over the last few years, with the rapid advances in technology and engineering of these ever evolving fpv drones. The Lightweight, compact cameras coming out. That are capable of recording 4K, 6K or even 8K footage, has made capturing this breathtaking footage possible!

Using different types of drones, from DJI type drones equipped with gimbals to fast highly manoeuvrable fpv drones, is the same as choosing different lenses for your camera for a specific shot. The possibilities are endless.




Cinewhoops are small and stable little drones that use 3" propellors that are surrounded by ducts giving protection from the props. They are designed for capturing stable cinematic filming. Their compact design allows them to fit through small gaps and to fly indoors with minimal risk to people or property.

Cinewhoops are a relatively new type of drone. Ideal for filming in tight quarters for cinematic filming in a safe way. They are flown through fpv goggles allowing the pilot more control and precision while filming.

It takes a lot more skill and practice to fly them well. Fpv pilots work in conjunction with a trained spotter to help guide them and warn them of hazards the pilot may not be aware of in their virtual world. Ensuring another level of safety. 




This fpv drone has a lot of built-in safety features to help capture fpv footage without the high risk associated with freestyle fpv drones. The DJI fpv has built-in GPS and obstacle avoidance.

The DJI fpv is still capable of speeds of up to 90mph and able to do flips, spins and dives with the added benefit of the dji built-in safety features.




The 5-inch freestyle drone is one of the most agile fpv drones and well suited to high-speed manoeuvres. This type of drone is great for fast cinematic shots.

It's also the best drone for freestyle and racing with speeds of over 100mph. The 5-inch drone can perform amazing manoeuvres like dives down cliff faces, skimming along coastlines, chasing drift cars and motocross bikes. These fpv drones can do flips and rolls with ease, the only limitation is the pilot's skills.

To Summarise FPV Filming

FPV drones are usually custom-built, although you can get pre-built ones off the shelf now. Even so, fpv pilots need to practice a lot and train extremely hard to learn the skills to fly these drones to their best abilities. Unlike DJI type of drones that are very easy to fly in comparison.

Traditional drones allow you to capture smooth, beautiful, cinematic filming from a distance, unlike fpv drones. Fpv's allow us to be in the thick of the action, instead of looking at it from a distance.

We are proud to be one of the few companies in Ireland to offer fpv filming services. You may be wondering how some shots are filmed in the TV and film industry these days. If its not CGI its going to be an FPV drone!

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