Drones for 2D Mapping and 3D Models

We provide the best all-round aerial construction drone photography and videography in Ireland.

We accurately capture super sharp aerial imagery using our drones for 2d Drone mapping and 3D models.

Using UAVs to obtain orthophoto images for aerial mapping is unsurprisingly getting more and more popular. Using our GPS enabled drones for aerial surveying is a cost-effective solution when compared to traditional aerial mapping methods using full-sized aircraft.


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Drone Mapping

2D Maps are created when the drone captures hundreds of orthophoto pictures. Next, we upload the orthophotos to a cloud-based mapping service where they are stitched together producing highly detailed accurate maps. We can also produce elevation maps showing where the ground is low and high... 

2D mapping is a great way to save time and money. Your business will benefit from increased efficiency and reduced costs, instead of using traditional methods.

Now, there is no reason to send engineers and surveyors to sites for an overview of construction or send workers up tall, awkward structures. A simple flyby can reduce the risk of injuries to your workforce.

2D Drone Mapping of Maghery Pier

You can take measurements of various parts of the 2D aerial map, zoom in and out, add markers, measure stock piles, view an elevation map. All done using the various tools.

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2D Aerial Map We Completed for Donegal County Council

Over 1000 orthophoto images were taken and stitched together to produce this highly detailed 2D map. The end result was a 345Mb image that if printed full size would have been 10ft by 7ft at high resolution. This is only a small part of the project that covered most of Letterkenny.

This is an example of the size of area we are easily able to survey with our drone photography services in Ireland.


Drone 3D Modeling

Using highly sophisticated software with our drones. We are able to capture 3d models of structures and construction sites.

With these highly accurate models, we can give you a new insight on how to save money, use fewer resources and speed up workflow.

  • 3D Building Models
  • 3D Construction Models
  • 3D Models of Building Sites
  • 3D Models of Statues or Monuments

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End Land Boundary Disputes Using Drones

Top Drone uses drones equipped with HD cameras to capture detailed photos that are overlayed with Google maps. Resolving land boundary disputes will be short lived with the use of orthophotography. It becomes evident exactly where on the ground, the red line is, for everyone to see.

No matter the terrain or the size of the land being disputed, our professional drone photography services are efficient and able to solve your problems.

We can also supply you high quality detailed aerial photos if that’s all you require.

We are firm believers that the more informed our client is regarding their boundary mapping, the better decisions he or she will make before proceeding with legal action.

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