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Rules & Regulations that Top Drone has to fly within 

We Cannot:
• Fly more than 400ft (120m) above ground level 

• Fly further than 300 meters from the control point
• Fly within the confines of a congested area without authorisation
• Fly within Controlled Airspace, without authorisation
• Fly near Aerdromes, no closer than 5 kms 
• Fly over an assembled crowd of people eg sporting events, concerts…
• Fly within 30 meters of any person, vessel, or vehicle, without authorisation
• Fly out of direct line of sight 

Favorable Conditions to fly in:
• Preferably its best to fly in calm conditions but we can fly with moderate winds safely. 

If we cannot do a job due to bad weather, (We do not fly in rain or fog!) we will do what we can to accommodate you and offer an alternative date…

Please bear these conditions in mind before booking, as we have to adhere to these regulations to legally fly a drone…

Thank You for your understanding!

30% Deposit required to secure booking. Balance to be paid on completion of work!