Drone Uses for Travel and Tourism

Using drone aerial filming and drone photography is the best way to show off sports, leisure, travel and tourism industries. To get these views you would require the expense of hiring a helicopter and camera crew. It's never been so affordable until now!

We can fly our drones from the ground up to 400 feet. The aerial footage we are able to capture over the sea, land, beaches, amazing coastlines, rivers and holiday destinations is absolutely stunning.

Drones for Sport

Drones can deliver added value to all types of sports.

Drones for golf courses.

What better way is there to show off your golf course to show golfers what your course has to offer. Using drones to capture filming, photography and 2d mapping of courses.

Helping to analyst training and performance of a wide range of sports.

Trainers and coaches are beginning to realise that drones have the ability to capture a bird’s eye view.

Training sessions can be filmed by drones, helping to analyse their technique and their performance.

This is advantageous to both athletes, coaches, and managers because the drone video footage enables reflection upon the performance.  Helping to develop new skills, techniques and strategies.

Drone Racing.

Drones even have their very own sport. Drone racing! This is becoming very popular around the world and big money to be won at the top events.

Ireland by Drone! Relive the Sights and Sounds of The Emerald Isle.

We will make a unique and tailored movie of the sights and sounds that will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Has the emerald isle been pulling at your heartstrings and calling you home? Did you move away from Ireland? A long time ago or recently? You want to come back for a visit but don't have the time or money...Feeling homesick or just curious about the beauty of the emerald eye?

At Top Drone, as well as offering the usual drone services we are also able to offer a truly unique service for you. You may have childhood memories of your favourite holiday spot or a place you grew up in Ireland. Have they remained untouched or have they been transformed? You want a bird's eye view of any part of Ireland...

Drop us an email with your requirements or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you to see how we can help you relive your memories.

Our videos can be downloaded from our cloud based services for instant viewing.  What are you waiting for? Bring back them cherished memories. Now you can watch and ponder over them as much as you want. Share them with your friends and family. You don't have to be Irish to experience this unique opportunity.

We have many stock photographs available in our shop in different sizes. See what catches your eye or let us know of a special place you want photographing.