Drone Laws

Here’s what you need to know about Drone Laws for flying drones

Will you have to register your drone?
Drone laws vary from country to country but generally, all drones weighing a kilo or more have to be registered.

This will include the weight of the battery and all attached equipment.

Always check drone laws in the country you are flying in before taking off.

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How do I register?
The easiest way to register is by doing a google search for drone registration in your country.

You can then register with the appropriate authorities like the IAA and find out more info on drone laws.

What am I allowed to do with my drone?
Depending on the country and state you live in.

  • You cannot fly your drone if it will be a hazard to another aircraft in flight
  • Cannot fly over a crowd or group of people
  • Do not fly over moving vehicles
  • Got to keep the drone in your line of sight
  • Don’t go over 400ft (120m) above ground level
  • Do not fly over urban areas
  • Don’t fly within 5 miles of a civil or military controlled airspace
  • Not to fly near or over prisons
  • No flying near airports (distance varies for country you are in)

Do I need a qualification or licence to operate a drone?
Not as long as you keep within the limits set out above.

It is recommended that you obtain a drone flying licence and liability insurance with the relevant authorities to the country you are operating in.

If you use your drone for commercial purposes, you will need to register your drone if the relevant IAA.

Find out more about the countries drone laws if you are using your drone for any commercial use.

If you are a drone flyer in Ireland you can find all the relevant information on drone laws here.

The laws are always changing, so it is recommended that you check on a regular basis!