Drones Smuggling Drugs cocaine

Drones Smuggling Drugs

Drones Smuggling Drugs, the new drug mules.

Drones have many uses. Some good, some not so good. Drones Smuggling Drugs is in the not so good category.

Many criminal elements around the world are using these drone mules to outsmart the law.

Prisons all over the world have recorded a sharp increase in incidents involving drones dropping drugs into prisons.

From Mexican drug cartels flying cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin over the border.

To some low life criminal sending in a stash of weed for his mate doing bird.

Drones Smuggling Drugs cocaine

Many types of drones can be used by smugglers. Some even build their own DIY drones. They can program in the GPS coordinates, making sure the drone ends up where they want it to.

With some drones they can set the GPS coordinates, making sure the drone ends up where they want it to.

While the likes of Amazon are testing out the viability of delivering products to customers, the criminals of the world are already doing it successfully.

For the big drops, your little MJX Bugs 3 just hasn’t got the power or range to lift any weight, although for a quick drop of marijuana over a prison wall it may be up to the job.

A popular choice is the DJI Matrice 600, which is a large drone and made for filmmakers who need a drone to carry big professional cameras for filming.

The DJI Matrice 600 is a €4000 drone. Capable of carrying around 6kg or around $500,000 worth of cocaine and the DJI M600 can fly a distance of around 3 miles.


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