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Thermal Imaging Drone

Thermal Imaging Drone Cameras

The use of thermal imaging drone is nothing new.

Although these days with the falling price of drones in general,  a thermal imaging drone can be bought by your average joe.

Why would you need one of these drones? If you are in the search and rescue or agricultural industry, there are very good reasons to owning a thermal imaging drone.

As I previously mentioned, with the improved visual appearance in thermal imaging over the past few years and the advanced features in consumer priced drones, now is a great time to consider getting one.

They make a cool and essential tool for these industries.

  • Search and rescue
  • Firefighters
  • Agriculture 

Search and rescue

Although thermal imaging has been used for search and rescue for many years. The thermal imaging cameras would be attached to a helicopter or used as handheld devices. There are two problems here that can be dealt with by using a thermal imaging drone.

Thermal imaging cameras would be attached to helicopters or used as stand alone handheld devices. There are two problems here that can be dealt with easily by using a thermal imaging drone.

A helicopter cannot fly under a canopy of trees where a drone can. A handheld device cannot see from a higher up vantage point or cover large areas at speed, where as a drone can.

Thermal Imaging Drone for Firefighters

Firefighters are on the uptake all over the world for using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras.

Firefighters using these drones are able to see hot spots in fires. With this knowledge, the firefighting crew can target the source of the problem and also avoid getting into difficult situations with fast spreading fires.

A point to remember for wannabe helpers with their drone!!!

DONT use your drone in situations like this unless you are specifically asked for assistance.

You mean well but you will not be helping as YOU will hamper the firefighters as you will be in their airspace and causing precious seconds or minutes to be lost!!!

Agricultural uses

For farmers with large crops. The use of a thermal imaging drone will be a cost effective tool to determine problem areas in crops. This can be done far faster than traditional methods.

Using these drones farmers will be able to yield bigger crops, choose how to use crop rotation better and see areas of their land that are getting more sun or shade than other parts.

A drone can help to find the ideal location to plant crops in different areas that are more suited to the various crops.

This will allow the farmer to manage their land more effectively & efficiently.

The best thermal imaging drone

There are many drones to choose from and the list is always growing.

For some, it will come down to price, portability and or image quality!

It is possible to change to a thermal imaging camera on your drone but may require a fair bit of modification that will void the warranty.

Here is a short list of recommended products, the DJI drones will need the Zenmuse XT camera attached.

Do you have a thermal imaging equipped drone? What do you use it for and what would you recommend for others wanting to use their drone for thermal imaging?

Please leave your comments below.

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